Photo Prints Available

Setting up my website to be able to sell prints has been on my list of things to do from before the summer but this weekend I finally got around to doing it (helped by the bad weather today).  I have setup a new page on my website that lets you purchase my most popular photos.

There are a lot of services out there that I could have used to handle the whole process for me but I tried them and either wasn't happy with the quality or read about problems with the quality online.  So, I have decided to make the prints here in Vancouver so I can see and sign each one before I send it out.  This way I know you won't be receving a bad copy.  

To keep it simple, I am only going to sell larger prints on either fine art paper and canvas.  These are my personal favorite types of prints and I have a number of them in my walls at home.  For more info on the types of prints checkout the What type of print is right for me? page.

I just sent out at 24x36 canvas print of Moraine Lake Sunrise that looked amazing.  If you are interested in any check out the buy prints tab at the top of the page or message me from this page.

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