The Final Calendar Decision

Last weekend I posted asking for help deciding which photos I should include in my 2013 calendar.  Thanks to all those who posted comments, here are the results:

Photo Name # of votes to remove      
Emerald Lake Boat Rental 9
Prince of Wales 3
Yoho Road 3
Yellowtop Mountain 2
Red Rock Canyon Mini Falls 2
Two Jack 2
Waterton Rivers 1

So, Emerald Lake boat rental is overwhelmingly out of the race, choosing the last one to remove isn't as clear.  If you didn't see the original post with all the candiade photos check it out here.  If you are interested in knowing when the calendar is ready enter your email address below. I need to remove one of the following photos, please let me know which one you would suggest I remove with a comment below, thanks in advance for the advice.