Adobe Photoshop Review

Photoshop has become such a standard in editing software it is now being used as a verb (I Photoshoped the image).  I do use Photoshop but not nearly as much as Adobe Lightroom.  The thing about Photoshop is that it is a bit to big and complicated.  I did a lot of reading about it and took some online courses when I first started trying to learn and figure I understand about 10% of the features, but this is more than I need to edit my photos.  There are lots of resources on the web that I could use to learn photoshop better but I am pretty happy with the 10% I know already.  For what I use it for I could probably just use Photoshop elements for everything I need that is much cheaper.  I will probably switch one of these days.

So, in conclusion, Photoshop is a great program that I use frequently but I wouldn't recommend it to someone starting out.  It just isn't worth the cost for photographers, go with Lightroom or Photoshop elements and some of the photo plugins and you will be able to create great images from your photos!

I use Photoshop in conjunction with most photos I post, here is a complete list.