COKIN P121 G2 Grey Graduated Filter Review

Graduated filters are used for landscape photography to make the sky darker so the whole picture is exposed properly.  I really tried to figure out a good way to use this to make good photos but never really got it figure out.  I had two problems:

  1. There was always dust on the filter that I could never quite get off.  It was a like a dust magnet!  There was also dust in the carrying case that came with it so even when I spent 5 minutes to get all the dust off the filter, it was added back on when I put it back in the case.  The most annoying thing was the dust was in the case when I first opened it.
  2. The photos always looked better using HDR.  The way I tested it was, I would take three photos for a HDR to be processed in Photomatix.  Then I would take some shots using this graduated filter.  I would compare the HDR to the ones shot with the graduated filter and the HDR ALWAYS looked better. So, I stopped using it.

Maybe I just got a bad brand, or maybe I just never really figured out the best way to use it but my opinion is that HDR produces better images than graduated filters so I don't use this much anymore.