Hoya 52mm ND filter Review

ND filters fit on the front of the lens and limit the number of light that enters the camera.  I bought this one to use with my Nikon 18-55mm lens and really enjoyed playing with it.  The main reason I got it was to make water look better.  If you have every seen a picture where there is a river or body of water that looks silky smooth, they probably did that with and ND filter.  I don't use it much more, only because I don't use my 18-55mm lens much since I purchased a 18-200mm lens.  The problem with these filters is they only fit on a lens of the same size (thats where the 52mm comes from), so I will probably sell this filter when I sell my 18-55mm lens and buy a new one for either my 18-200m lens or maybe the 12-24mm lens that I use for landscapes.

To get a better idea what a photo with an ND filter looks like check out the photos I have posted where I used this ND filter.