Nik Silver Efex Pro Review

I am not that good at Black and White photos, and to be honest, am not really that interested in doing to much black and white photos.  We have color cameras now, for the most part I think colors make photos look more realistic so I want to include them.  However, there are times when I am editing a photo and the colors just don't add anything, or I don't like them, that is when I fire up Silver Efex pro.  Usually, I can find a preset that make the photo look better in black and white.  There are also a lot of sliders to adjust the black and white settings but I haven't learned how they all work yet (and I don't know if I need to).  What I do know is the presets in Silver Efex Pro are a lot better than the black and white presets in Lightroom so it is a good tool to play around with if you are looking to play around with Black and White photos.

Here are examples of how the Silver Efex Pro plugin can be used.