Slik Sprint Pro II Tripod Review

Before I purchased this tripod I was using a $10 tripod I picked up in the boxing day sales, it was terrirble and fell apart after a couple of months.  So, I decided to get a better one for a trip to Asia, but I wanted to spend less than $150 for the tripod and head.  I went with this model from Slik and it was a huge mistake.  One of the legs fell off one week into the trip!  I managed to fix it with duck tape but the leg that broke needed to be carefully extended each time.  In the process of putting back together the leg extensions and figuring out how the leg lock worked, I realized a cheap plastic piece had broken which is why the leg fell off.  I know $150 may be considered cheap for a tripod but I still don't think I got my moneys worth.  As a hobby, there is a limit to how much I can spend on camera gear so I used the taped together tripod for another year, carefully pulling out the one leg each time I needed to extend it.  I now how a Sirui tripod which was fairly inexpensive (but not as cheap as this Slik) but is sturdy and well made.

Although I really didn't like this tripod, I couldn't afford to buy a new one for quite a while so I ended up taking a lot of photos with it, check them out here.