Topaz Adjust Review

Topaz Adjust is a photo effects software that has a lot of cool presets for making photos more interesting.  When I first started using it I loved it because it was really easy to make photos pop and make them look interesting but recently I have been using Nik Color Efex Pro a lot more and Topaz Adjust less.  I never bothered to learn what all the sliders do, so sometimes when I have a photo that I want to try something different with I will load up this software and see what it looks like.  My favorite preset is spicify, it makes the image a lot sharper and colorful.  Most of the time spicify is a bit to "spicy" so I will fade it back a bit with photoshop, but it still adds a nice affect.  The "pop" presets are also pretty cool.  They have a free trial so it is at least worth a look, you can get a free trial from the Topaz website.  

I went through a "Topaz Adjust" phase where I used it on almost every photo, here are some examples of how the photos turned out.